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What can you do in the Baby Village?

There is lots to do in the ‘Baby Village’, provided and organised by the partner businesses. In addition there is the large play area that stands on top of the tunnel covering the A10 Tauern motorway. You will find loads of play equipment there, plus many sports activity options for the adults!  The circular pathway is great for jogging or nordic walking, whilst the little ones play about to their hearts’ content.











Various traditions and customs take place throughout the year, which the whole family will enjoy, such as the Harvest Parade, that even the smallest children can take part in, or the festivals organised by the Fire Service, competitions run by the local youth associations or the church festivals and fetes.

There are many walking paths, not only those that take you up to the mountain  tops and huts, such as the Bergfried Hut, but also comfortable child-friendly circular routes and places to take a stroll. Our landlords and tourist reception staff are always happy to help you find the most appropriate route for you and to provide information about which Huts en route are open for refreshments.

Just at the junction with the B99 inTrebesing you will find, tucked away, the water play area known as the  „Graggltümpfe“. Children can spend the whole day splashing around here! If you get hungry there is a BBQ area on site for your use. Toilets are also available so it is easy to while away the whole day here. Perhaps a change of clothes for the children might be a good idea!