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The Village in all four seasons.

In Spring…

Easter is the first big festival.  There is a different Easter tradition in nearly every village. These traditions include the making of palm leaf garlands, a meat blessing with special Easter food  and skittles tournaments. For outdoor lovers, Mother Nature has a lot in store. Enormous crocus fields come into bloom or the meadows overflow with primulas. After the winter, walks in the early sunshine can only do you good  and children can try out the water play area the „Graggltümpfe“. The hiking season starts and many of the peaks are already reachable. In the last remnants of the snow, fun competitions, like the barrel rolling race, take place, maypoles are erected everywhere amidst great celebrations and Altersberg’s Culture Days are also at this time.

In Summer….

…the possibilities are just endless. On most days there is an event, a festival, or an old tradition to enjoy. There are lots of competitions, like the mowing (scything) competition, but also many older traditions such as the midsummer celebrations. There are a host of festivals including, of course, Trebesing’s own Church Day Festival. Outdoors you can bathe, hike, cycle, swim , play, gad around or just laze about. The Events Calendar is always full and there is something for everyone on it!

In Autumn…

the weather is still pleasantly warm. Mother Nature puts on her most beautiful colours and it is the best time for walking and hiking. The list of interesting festivals, traditions and events continues throughout this time. Theatre performances start again; bible weeks, musical events and Altersberg’s Church Day Festival all take place. Every 2 years there is the great Harvest Parade, when even the smallest amongst us decorate their pedal cars and join in the celebration!. Lanterns are built to commemorate St Martin and the whole season culminates with the ‘Perchtenlauf’ (the night of the demons). This spine-chilling spectacle takes place just before the end of the year.

In Winter…

there are theatre performances in Trebesing with hilarious comedies of errors acted in dialect. It is also the time to extend your knowledge with various talks, lectures and slide shows. There are concerts and, of course, many, many events in the  Advent and Christmas periods.