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Places to Go

Gmünd – The Artists’ Town

In the nearby Artists’ Town of  Gmünd are many workshops and galleries offering lots of exhibitions, arts projects and painting and drawing courses.

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The House of Amazement is an interactive experience depicting the joint themes of water, the earth and music. Touching on all the senses, there is so much to learn and try out. Attached is a large garden containing partly ‘singing’ sculptures and a labyrinth.  Young and old will discover something new here.

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The Porsche Museum

Because Prof. Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Porsche spent some time working in Gmünd, we have our own Porsche Museum with many exhibits and information about this legendary trademark car.

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The ‘Alte Burg’

Alte Burg Gmünd

The Alte Burg is Gmünd’s trademark and dominates the old medieval town. Explore the many different rooms and imagine what it was like to live here in the Middle Ages. We recommend you climb up the tower (entrance fee) to get a wonderful view over the whole region. Many events take place within the restored rooms and there is even a castle theatre. A Café-Restaurant can also be found within these time-honoured walls.

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The Malta Valley

The Malta Valley’s unspoilt natural surroundings make for a worthwhile visit . Admire Carinthia’s highest waterfall – 200 m of free-falling water – and these other exciting places to visit:


Malteiner Wasserspiele

In the nearby Malta Valley, the Valley of the Tumbling Waters,  there is a very interesting circular walk taking in 7 different waterfalls and known as the Malteiner Wasserspiele. The path is totally suitable for children. At one waterfall, the Melnik Falls, it is even possible to play in the water. If it takes your fancy, come back via the Bee Education Path and peer right into a bee hive. The sportier visitor can extend the walk to take in 17 waterfalls and climb up as far as the Gasthof Hochalmbrücke.

Information about the Malteiner Wasserspiele


The Kölnbrein Dam

The privately owned and tolled Malta-Hochalmstraße curves its way up through a number of tunnels to reach Austria’s highest reservoir at the Kölnbrein Dam. The dam wall is open to visitors and there are interesting exhibitions about the production of energy and the local geology to visit. Up at these lofty heights there are also a wealth of footpaths to explore and mountain huts providing welcoming refreshments.

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The Fallbach Water Adventure Park

Below the highest waterfall in Carinthia – the Faller Falls – there is a water park with a range of opptions for making and building things. Children can run around and play here to their heart’s content. The theme here is play in and with water. Supervised modelling, beginners’ climbing for children and sometimes festivals are also on offer.

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The Donkey Park

The whole family will enjoy the Malta Valley Donkey Park where there are no dividing fences to separate you from many of the mules and horses , donkeys and llamas. Over 100 animals of different species can be seen, admired and stroked. Brave children will enjoy the gentle rides (on leashed animals guided by our staff).  Your entrance ticket allows you season-long entry to the Park. Refreshments and souvenirs are on sale.

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Thunder Gorge

Thunder Gorge in Innerkrems hides a secret treasure.  Go hunting with your map and compass, a protective stone and a magic pair of spectacles and pretty soon you will be on the trail of the secret. And after an adventurous crossing through 4 worlds discover at last the treasure of the Nockberg dwarves!

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The Nockalmstraße

Just about 35 km long, the privately owned and tolled Nockalmstraße winds its way through the picturesque setting of the rolling hills known as the Nockbergs. There are lots of stopping off points along the way with culinary delights to enjoy as well as attractions for children such as play areas, a petting zoo, a water park and the newly opened “Silva Magica”Park.

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Blutige Alm

This legendary Alm Hut, on the border with the Salzburg region, offers a wonderful viewpoint over the peaks of the Nockberg Mountains as well as tasty titbits. Walk here in the summer,visit the animals at the Nocki Ranch, have a thrilling adventure on the Explorers’ Path, splash about in the waterhole and learn all about the rare Spikenard plant which grows here.

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Rennweg / Katschberg

The Choo-Choo-Train

The Choo-Choo-Train takes you at a comfortable pace along the wonderful Pöll Valley. This is a great spot to go for a walk, with lots of places to rest and take refreshment.

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Alpine Equine Centre

Horse lovers will be in their element here: beginners riding, riding tours, trekking, or horse-drawn carriage rides (in winter horse-drawn sleighs). Something here for everyone surely.

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More Things to Do

If you are looking for even more to do, then you will certainly find these by taking up the great offers provided through the Carinthia Card. Use the Card to access over 100 attractions across the whole of Carinthia.

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